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Starbucks Needs To Stop Printing Out Receipts For Every Single Customer

I love working at Starbucks, I really do. And for the most part they are very socially conscious, but goddamn they are shredding trees at an alarming rate.

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Listen, I love working at Starbucks. Honestly, I say that multiple times because I want to reiterate it. They're good to their coffee farmers. They offer their employees health insurance. They play my favorite Elliott Smith song! Hell, that alone makes up for hearing Lee Brice's "I Don't Dance" three times a day. But whenever I ring somebody up at the register lately, they print a receipt. And then I ring up another, and they print another. Soon you get this:

And it isn't that I'm not asking customers if they want their receipts; most customers just don't. fucking. want. them. There's a summer promotion called Treat Receipt that's very popular. Then last year they introduced Sweet Receipt which has been less successful. I have no idea what the current promotion is that started today, I just know that receipts just keep printing and printing, one after every purchase. Every customer before 2pm, at every store. Think about how many Starbucks stores there are in this country.

Think about how many hundreds upon thousands of pieces of paper are being printed out only to be tossed into a trash can. Then think about climate change. Whether you agree or not, it's happening. And a business that prides itself on its ethics like Starbucks should be trying to make this less of an issue, not compound it and add to it. So please, take a moment and either call the official Starbucks customer service number (1 (800) 782-7282) or send them an email and let them know that this isn't okay.

Together we can make the world slightly less shitty!

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