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    20 Ways To Prepare For The "Breaking Bad" Finale

    10 days until the best show on television ends. In an interview with HitFix, Aaron Paul warned fans about the show's final moments, "You guys are gonna shit your pants."

    20. Stay Away From Drugs This Weekend

    19. Try To Contain Your Excitement

    18. Make Attempts To Learn Science

    17. Appreciate That Malcolm In The Middle Was Cancelled

    16. Get A Haircut So You Don't Look Like Malcolm

    15. Make Strange Fan Art

    14. Help The Elderly

    13. Help A Friend In Need (Without Drugs)

    12. Work On Your Pick Up Lines

    11. Kiss Your Favorite Teacher

    10. Do A Little Dance

    9. But Really, Stay Away From The Drugs

    8. Go Tanning

    7. Catch Up On Your Reading

    6. Play The Breaking Bad Video Game

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    This isn't real but someone needs to Kickstart this.

    5. Double-check Your Mailbox and Pack of Cigs

    4. Play The Breaking Bad Drinking Game

    3. Try To Predict The Show's Ending

    2. Try To Explain BB’s Plot Better Than This Guy

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    SPOILER ALERT: The hilarious nine-minute explanation of Breaking Bad.

    “Defeats Tuco with Science”

    1. Grab Someone Dear And Marathon BB