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    15 Alcoholic Writers And Their Favorite Drinks

    To be clear: Binge drinking will NOT make you a good writer. But it can make you more interesting.

    15. Ian Fleming, Vesper Martini

    14. Oscar Wilde, Iced Champagne

    13. Stephen King, Beer

    12. Carson McCullers, Sherry

    11. Truman Capote, Screwdivers

    10. Jean Stafford, Wine

    9. Dorothy Parker, Whiskey Sour

    8. William Faulkner, Mint Juleps

    7. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gin

    6. Jack Kerouac, Margaritas

    5. Edna St. Vincent Millay, Rum Sidecars

    4. Hunter S. Thompson, Wild Turkey

    3. Edgar Allan Poe, Cognac

    2. Ernest Hemingway, Mimosas

    1. Charles Bukowski, Boilermakers