14 Reasons Jennifer Coolidge Makes Me Want A Hot Dog Real Bad

You look like the Fourth of July! It makes me want a hot dog reeeaaaal bad!

1. 1. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. She is amazing. Allow me to explain why.

2. 2. She speaks the truth.

4. 3. She offers baked goods.

5. 4. Her impression of Beyonce is spot-on.

7. 5. She owns a cleaning service, but you cannot get her to come.

8. 6. She’s really good at the Bend and Snap.

Okay, well she’s working on it.

9. 7. She can expand her unconsciousness to nearly infinity… while under the influence.

10. 8. Sometimes she can be a little blunt…

11. 9. But don’t worry. She’s hard on herself too.

12. 10. Her wisdom.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

13. 11. She can rap.

14. 12. She understands the consequences of Botox.

15. 13. But is glad those consequences are temporary.

16. 14. And finally… THIS.

“…her beagle’s name is Dolly Madison, which is my grandma’s stripper name….. isn’t that a good sign?”

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