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Turn your Business Travel into a Joyful Vacation

Business travel can be bittersweet especially if you travel more than a few times a year. Whether you love or hate to go on business trips, you, unfortunately, have no choice. Your business trips meetings, business cards, handshakes, conferences and your airtight schedules keep you away from your family and also from having fun. This might make you stressed and could have a negative impact on your health. However, you can do your little bit by making the things flow smooth and by keeping the plan well-organized. We tell you how.

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Prefer to pack one night before


To do away with all the stress and anxiety, it is always recommended to pack one night before. Packing properly not only relieves you of stress but also makes your journey happy and smooth.

Thus, keep everything in place including wallet, travel cards, laptop and especially your passport, if you are traveling abroad. If your family is going to accompany you, make sure that you have kept all the accessories and documents safely.

Pre-plan everything and prefer local networking


As they say, plan for the best and be prepared for the worst. Thus, do not expect that all things will go as planned.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to pre-plan the things well in advance. Make sure that you have all the required details for a smooth business vacation.

You can store all the relevant information on your smartphones or tablets. Make sure that you have scheduled most of your appointments in advance. Further, when you are on a business trip, it is always a safe practice to meet your colleagues in a local business-oriented restaurant or in the lobby of the hotel you are staying. This will not only make your presence non-invasive but you will also showcase your brand to the locals. Not only this, you will also enjoy the surrounding atmosphere during your work.

Be careful about your identity cards


Before leaving home, check that all your identity cards are at a place and you have not forgotten any of them. Be sure to keep a photocopy of them along with you, just in case you misplace the originals.

Further, you can even store important documents on a USB drive.

Currency/Credit/Debit Cards


Just imagine your trip without money. Not a good idea! To avoid such situations, always carry multiple credit and debit cards along with you.

It is always a wise idea to keep your cards at varied places instead of stacking all of them in a wallet. This is because if your wallet gets stolen, you would lose all your cards too.

If you are abroad, then keep enough stock of the currency of the country you are in to avoid any surprise and oops moments.

Install a travel application


To save your time and to keep yourself away from the travel anxiety, it is highly recommended to install a travel application on your smartphone. This is because travel apps improve your travel experience and make your traveling cum vacation organized.

These apps help you store all the information related to your travel, your travel bookings, tickets, hotel information and the likes. Further, they can even synchronize your travel plans with your calendar and allow you to share the travel plans selectively.

Backup plan


Be prepared with a plan B always, because problems can arise anytime and anywhere. There may be overbooking of hotels, you may get late at transport, your appointments and meetings may get delayed.

Thus, backup your PPTs on Google drive and save them in your dongles so that if one gets corrupt, you can easily access the other one. Backing up the pitch to the cloud is very helpful especially when you face some technical issues like getting a guest Wi-Fi access. Prevent the things from going wrong and the days from being wasted.

Travel accessories

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Besides booking tickets and packing the bags, make sure that you keep all the required travel accessories with you. Let us remind you of some of the most important ones:

Earplugs: These come to your rescue when you want to spend some quality time with yourself, or while taking a walk in open and especially when there is too much noise in an area.

Power Banks/USB stick/Universal adapter: These are some of the necessary things you should not forget carrying with you. Imagine your phone, tablets, and laptops without battery. You will not find the plug points everywhere so carry them along.

Electronic cigarettes: If you have started quitting smoking, then do not forget to carry your e-cigarettes with you. Your cravings for smoking may destroy your vacation.

It doesn’t matter where are you going and with whom you are going as long as you just try to go with a mindset that all the means will lead to a productive and a joyful end. Make your experience reflect your work to instill passion in both.

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