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    • justinjp2

      1. From pollen and plant fragments preserved in amber.
      2. They didn’t. Sometimes they wouldn’t know what species they had until it hatched and matured. The book explicitly states this.
      5. Nedry was notadinosaur specialist and didn’t work in the field, so he was not familiar with all the species. Dialogue in the film shows that *did* know better than to mess with the raptors, however.
      6. It’s based on the fact that reptiles and other animals exhibit similar vision and behavior (although we now know T-rex actually had excellent vision).
      7. NOTaplot hole. The flat terrain where the T-rex escapes is BETWEEN the vehicles. The crevasse is AHEAD of the lead vehicle. There is at leastahundred meter difference between the two points. Watch the movie again.
      8. The Jeep did outrun the T-rex, after getting up to speed on the rough and wet terrain.
      12. Earlier in the film it is statedagourmet chef prepared food for the guests.
      14. The T-rex entered the visitor center through the GIANT UNFINISHED WALL that you can see in several shots at the beginning and end of the movie. Part of the t-rex’s tail is even still through this opening as the raptor jumps on its back. Watch the movie again.
      15. Likely the best place for the rescue copter to land was on the helipad. The pilot probably wouldn’t have want to set down smack dab in the middle of dinosaur country, also.

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