16 Reasons Why Wright State Is The Greatest University In America…..Okay The Entire World

Wright State University is located in picturesque Dayton, Ohio. And it is just filled with awesomeness. After these reasons you will be on a plane to Dayton to enroll here immediately.

1. 1. This awesome thing also known as BART

BART stands for Big Ass Red Thing….yea your school cannot compare

2. 2. Its incredibly awesome unstoppable basketball team

Remember two time NCAA tournament runner-up Butler? No match for the Raiders.

3. 3. The greatest pizza deal in mankind’s history exists there

Oh, and it’s open till three or four in the morning during weekdays and weekends.

4. 4. Because your president is not as cool as their president

Okay there really is no comparison here.

6. 5. Because their athletes are always outstanding

NBA players. No big deal.

PGA professional and tournament champion Frank Lickliter II. No big deal.

8. 6. Because their football team was undefeated for more than 40 years

(They didn’t have one but hey their club team they have is now the definition of badass.)

9. 7. Did we mention they have one of the largest Air Force bases in the country?

The aliens from Roswell? Probably somewhere on base.

10. 8. Fire and Brimstone preachers (also known as QuadGods) roam the campus grounds

There’s nothing wrong with a little intellectual discussion.

11. 9. They have a Wright Brothers plane in their library. In their FREAKING library!!

And this bench just emits awesomeness

13. 10. And famous people visit campus all the time

Like Neil deGrasse Tyson…..awesome

….And VP Joe Biden. Yeaaa he called the school Wayne State. Not his proudest moment.

….Oh, and did we mention Sarah Palin was introduced as McCain’s running mate at Wright State? Need we go on?!

16. 11. Their mascot has way more swag than your mascot

17. 12. Oh, and they have one of the most affordable tuition costs of any university in the state

18. 13. Did we mention Tom Hanks loves Wright State?!

Wright State’s film program is probably the best in the entire milky way galaxy. Tom agrees

20. 14. Ohio is cold, but Wright State isn’t with its underground tunnel system

You never have to walk outside in the winter. EVER

21. 15. This rock you can spray paint? Pretty freaking cool.

22. 16. American heroes everywhere. Enough said.

23. So when you’re deciding what school to go to and that WSU acceptance letter comes in the mail….

Just remember your decision is already made. You’re going to Wright State. CELEBRATE!

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