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26 Things You Miss About Landlines

Before cell phones there were these things called landlines. We say they were a pain. But really they were the best.

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1. Not having to answer to anyone because no one could reach you 24/7

Touchstone Pictures / Via

2. Unless you wanted them to

3. Having one simple way to reach people

New Line Cinema / Via

4. If you didn't leave a message, you could again later and they would never know it was you.

FOX / Via

5. Telling someone to pick up when you knew they were screening

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Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

6. Crafting the ultimate joke answering machine greeting, especially with your roommates or family

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20th Century Fox Television / Via

7. That blinking light when you got home. Like a shining beacon of joy

8. That beautiful rewind sound, especially when it goes on and many messages!

daramdam / Via Flickr: 85633456@N02

9. The freedom you felt when you got one of those really long cords

John Roberts/Clay Weiner
John Roberts/Clay Weiner

10. That notepad reserved just for writing down messages


11. Checking all the little boxes on one of these

12. Getting in on the gossip by delivering messages

13. Phone numbers were publicly listed. In a book. Brought to your house.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

14. The thrill of seeing your own name in there when you got your first phone

15. Being able to memorize all those phone numbers. So many. I mean, how did we do it?

Lakeshore Entertainment / Via

16. Discovering what your phone number spells out

New Line Cinema / Via

17. Which was basically the equivalent of having one of these

MCA / Via

18. Feeling like you were in a movie each time you made an emotional call from a phone booth

A&M/Octone Records / Via

19. Knowing where all the pay phones were...

Amaar Ujeyl / Via Flickr / Getty Images

20. Except when your parents wanted you to call home

Mandate Pictures/Mr. Mudd / Via

21. Having that cool friend who taught you how to hack a pay phone

22. Making prank calls was so much easier

FOX / Via

23. Owning one of these

24. That moment when your sibling finally got off the phone and it was your turn

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

25. Spending the whole evening talking on the phone

26. Knowing that your friends were only one phone call away

Amblin Entertainment / Via

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