17 Most Disturbing Things You Can Buy At Prison Gift Shops

Yes, prisons — and their adjunct museums — have souvenir stores.

Prison gift shops, geared toward tourists, sell the things you’d find in most tourist traps: T-shirts, key chains, hats, and mugs.

They’re located at or near some of the nation’s worst prisons in terms of systemic abuse, capital punishment, solitary confinement, and sexual assault.

Some are run directly by the prisons, and even prisoners; others by related museums commemorating them.

3. Baseball cap, Huntsville, Texas: The city, home to seven prisons and the state’s execution chamber, is nicknamed the death penalty capital of the world.

4. “Ole Sparky” shot glasses, Huntsville, Texas: 361 Texas prisoners were electrocuted before it was ruled unconstitutional.

Texas Prison Museum / Via txprisonmuseum.org

Texas Prison Museum, where the original electric chair is on display.

5. T-shirt, Huntsville, Texas: The state has the highest record of prisoner sexual abuse.

6. “Convict” Bobblehead doll, Huntsville, Texas: The nearby Polunksy Unit is known as the hardest place to do time in Texas.

Texas Prison Museum / Via txprisonmuseum.org

7. “Property of Texas Prison System” T-shirt, Huntsville, Texas.

8. Handcuff key chain, Huntsville, Texas.

9. Shot glasses, Louisiana State Penitentiary, aka Angola, aka the Alcatraz of the South. Former home to the Angola Three.

10. Beer koozies, Angola, La., which has been compared to Guantanamo for its systemic prisoner abuse.

11. Golf balls, Angola, La.: Prisoners run the “Prison View Golf Course” that’s open to the public.

12. Dog collar, Angola, La.: Inmates are kept in extreme isolation for decades.

13. “Gated community” T-shirts, Angola, La.

14. Baseball caps, Angola, La.

15. “Get Out Jail Free Card” T-shirt, Maine State Prison, which was sued for the misuse of restraint chairs.

16. Prisoner-made baseball cap, Maine State Prison.

17. Coffee mugs, Arizona State Prison Complex, infamous for extreme overcrowding and inhumane conditions.

18. T-shirt, Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence, home to the state’s execution chamber.

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