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Why I Have Four Reborns Instead of Children

Pretend for a moment that you are 31 years old and you can't have children. Adoption is out of the question and so is foster care due to our tiny income and even more tiny house. What would you do if you wanted a child, but couldn't have one? Would you just give up and not consider other options? I couldn't give up. I couldn't move on knowing that I couldn't have a child of my own, to love, to care for, for inspiration to become a better person, and maybe to have a cuddle or two. I chose to buy a reborn baby. I care for her, I change her into different outfits everyday, as well as my other reborn babies. I don't like to call them dolls, because to me they are so much more. They provide me with comfort during times of Anxiety. They do not cry or cause me any concern as a real child would leave me a nervous wreck: "where are you going" "I need to feed you" "What if you choke on your food?""When I take you to the park, will my driving be ok?" Oh my goodness I couldn't do it. I can curl up with my babies and not have to jepordise my sanity. I recommend reborns to anyone who has ever found themselves in my position: unable to have kids but want them, people who lost a child, maybe someone who has had a miscarriage, someone whose children are grown and gone away from home, and people that collect dolls, and there are many more reasons that you may have a reborn baby. They make zombie reborns, monkey reborns, vampire reborns, and even tiny silicone reborn kittens. You can get a reborn baby that is the size of a micro preemie all the way to 6 years old I believe. I just know that they bring me joy in a world that's not so joyful. I know it's a safe way to express myself and a drug free way to help my anxiety and depression. Please remember the reasons people have them before you judge us. We just want to give our love to our babies. By, Justine Marie Zingg

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My Reborn Baby, Gracie Noelle
Justine Marie Zingg / Via personal collection

My Reborn Baby, Gracie Noelle

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