Prepping a Valentine’s Day menu? Share the love with these pretty, pink recipes from the Food Bloggers of Canada community!

1. New Year Detox Salad with Pink Tahini Dressing

Justine Celina Maguire / Via justinecelina.com

New Year Detox Salad with Pink Tahini Dressing combines nourishing winter produce and tons of plant-based protein — all in one huge superfood salad! Oh, and the dressing is bright pink. Get the recipe!

2. Pretty Pink Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cakes

Liv for Cake / Via livforcake.com

A buttery cake with a creamy vanilla frosting, layered with raspberry jam. Get the recipe!

3. Cinnamon Beet Pancakes

Imagelicious / Via imagelicious.com

These beautiful pink Cinnamon Beet Pancakes are full of healthy beets and greek yogurt, yet you’ll never know as they taste delicious. Get the recipe!

4. Pickled Egg and Beet Spinach Spring Salad

Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen / Via dishnthekitchen.wordpress.com

Spring is a time for renewal, and what better way to change up an old favourite than to add these lovely, bright, pickled eggs to the old beet and spinach salad? Get the recipe!

5. Soft Sugar Cookies

A Cup of Te / Via acupofte.com

Soft, cake-like cookies with hints of vanilla and honey paired with a sweet simple icing. Get the recipe!

6. Blackberry Thyme Champagne

Crumb Kitchen / Via crumbkitchen.com

This simple drink looks straight out of a high-end magazine, but in reality is crafted from ingredients you may already have on hand. Get the recipe!

7. Wheatless Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes

Eye Candy Popper / Via eyecandypopper.com

Part of living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the enjoyment of special treats once in a while. Get the recipe!

8. Cranberry, Walnut & Apple Smoothie

A Virtual Vegan / Via avirtualvegan.com

This creamy Cranberry, Walnut & Apple Smoothie will really hit the spot with its warm & spicy flavours. Get the recipe!

9. Pistachio and Cranberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

love me, feed me / Via lovemefeedme.net

Crunchy pistachio cookies sandwiched with subtly sweet and tart cranberry coconut whipped cream. Get the recipe!

10. Raspberry-Rhubarb Collins Party Punch

Simple Bites / Via simplebites.net

The elements for this Raspberry-Rhubarb Collins can be prepared in advance and kept chilled. Get the recipe!

11. Valentine Crack Candy

This Lil Piglet / Via thislilpiglet.net

If you have a sweet tooth, this combination of caramel, chocolate and cookie wafers is something you’ll want to try and it’s easy to make with only a few ingredients. Get the recipe!

12. Blood Orange Cream Soda Floats

The Cinnamon Scrolls / Via thecinnamonscrolls.com

Pretty, pink cream soda floats made from a homemade blood orange syrup, natural vanilla ice cream, and club soda. Get the recipe!

13. Buttercream Dipped Pretzels with Toffee Bits

The Girl on Bloor / Via thegirlsonbloor.com

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy or celebrate Valentine’s Day, these fancy pretzels are the perfect bite-sized treat and sure to become a hit at your next party. Get the recipe!

14. Strawberry Basil Frozen Yogurt

Killing Thyme / Via killingthyme.net

First, you get the tartness of the strawberry. After that, the sweetness kicks in, only to be followed by the bright freshness of the basil. Get the recipe!

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