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    Self-Care & Wellness Items To Ease Election Week Stress

    Election Day 2020 is stressful. I know, that's an understatement. Regardless, it's important to take care of your overall health and wellness so why not indulge in self-care remedies to cope with the inevitable level of unease and anxiety this week? Here are 7 unique self-care and wellness items to help you relax and de-stress from the headache that is 2020.

    Stress Keeping You Up At Night? Sleep Soundly With LectroFan Classic White Noise Sleep Machine For Adults

    Sound Of Sleep / Via

    LectroFan Classic is ideal for relaxation, speech privacy, or any situation where you’d like more control of your audio environment. It’s also your personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night’s sleep and peaceful rest. The LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise. Available at and Amazon.

    Looking For A Spiritual & Natural Way To Calm Your Skin. Harness The Power Of Amethyst To Cleanse Negative Energy While Boosting Blood Circulation

    KungFu Apothecary Amethyst Facial Roller
    KungFu Apothecary / Via

    The Amethyst Facial Roller by KungFu Apothecary is a substantial, noise-free massage tool known to boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling, and helps products absorb better into your skin. It is made of pure amethyst and with regular use, you will see a smoothness and glow to your skin. KungFu Apothecary’s exclusive amethyst crystal facial roller made from pure amethyst, aids in healing, cleanses negative energy, and is known as an essential crystal. Available at

    Working Out Hard As A Stress Reliever? Recover & Refuel With The Healthiest Water You Can Drink In 2020

    Lucky Soul USA / Via

    SOULTOX 10ph Alkaline Natural Mineral Black Water is an All-Natural, Super Antioxidant made for your mind, body, and soul. The Fulvic-Humic enhanced All-Natural mineral water was designed to detox and help your system recover. A detox you can enjoy with 0 sugar, 0 carbs, and 0 calories. Fulvic & Humic acid is one of the most powerful, natural supplements for maintaining the body's metabolic and healing functions. It's a complete source of plant-based nutrients with 77 Trace minerals, 11 natural amino acids in an alkaline balanced state. It's USDA Organic.

    Suffering From Stress-Induced Skin Conditions? Try Stone & Tumble - Plant-Based Soothing Serum For All Skin Types

    Stone & Tumble / Via

    The Soothing Serum by Stone and Tumble is a clean, plant-based skin serum that contains active, plant-based ingredients to help soothe and heal stressed skin. With the help of scientists and board-certified dermatologists, the brand avoids harsh ingredients sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial dyes, and fragrance. Stone & Tumble is proudly made in the U.S.A and is a cruelty-free company. Available at and on Amazon.

    Not A Fan Of Taking A Bath But Want To Achieve That Same “Relaxing Effect”? Nature Foaming Milk Bath Can Be Used In The Bath Or Shower To Detox Skin

    Nature By Canus / Via

    Nature Foaming Milk Bath in Lavender Oil is recognized for its soothing properties for your skin, lavender oil blends perfectly with the benefits of fresh goat’s milk. Tested under dermatological control, it respects the skin’s natural pH, is not irritant, and hypo-allergenic. Never contained phosphates or parabens, the formula is free of dyes and colorants. Goat’s milk is traditionally recognized for containing moisturizing fatty acids, vitamins A (retinol) and B3 (niacin), potassium, zinc, and selenium. Available at and Amazon.

    Let's Round It Out With The Most Important Trend Of 2020: When In Doubt Wear A Mask. Even When You’re Sitting On The Couch, Mask Up With Moroccan Red Clay by Ziri

    Ziri Skincare / Via

    Moroccan Red Clay by Ziri effectively absorbs both sebum and excess oil, which are one of the leading causes behind the formation of unsightly blackheads, and acne. Moroccan Red Clay significantly impacts the appearance and overall health of your skin and has tons of benefits: Absorbs dirt and excess oil, Unclogs pores, and blackheads, Restores skin elasticity, Rich in iron and silica, Evens out skin tone, Reduces Acne, and Brightens Skin, Improves blood circulation, Promotes cell regeneration. Available at and Amazon.

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