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Jason Biggs Stars In The Funniest Anti-SeaWorld Video You Will Ever See

"Nothing gets me more excited than an over-masturbated whale swimming around in a tiny bathtub. "

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Biggs told BuzzFeed in a phone interview that he’s a big documentary fan and an animal lover, but he became anti-SeaWorld by being active on Twitter and seeing the documentary Blackfish, which is about SeaWorld's treatment of its whales.

"Once I saw Blackfish, it moved me. I told my wife she had to watch it and she was afraid at first, but I made her watch it. I actually have footage of her watching it, crying, losing it, actually bawling her eyes out," he said.

"My wife put it perfectly. She said, ‘We’re gonna look back on SeaWorld and say, "Do you remember when we took these huge whales and put them in small tanks for people's amusement?"'"

"Bands have canceled performances, and I think it's going to continue. People with any sort of consciousness will not support SeaWorld. You have to be totally ignorant or the devil to still support SeaWorld."

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