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The 26 Most Hilarious And Shocking Moments In Literary History

Prepare to laugh your face off.

1. This Goosebumps fan's seductive photo.

2. That time Stephen King's bra strap was showing.

3. This poetic English instructor.

4. These tantalizing bottles of literary booze.

5. This wild rumpus.

6. The most motivational poster ever created.

7. This boy reading "Dogs Can't Read" to a shelter cat.

8. And this boy reading to his labs.

9. These perfectly aligned encyclopedias.

10. These accurate portrayals of Daenerys.

11. This turtle searching for his brothers.

12. This super-rare autographed first edition.

13. This grim reaper librarian collecting overdue books from students.

14. This teacher's spellacious watermark.

15. This professor's very, very real assistant.

16. This James Joyce autocorrect.

haha I made an autocorrect shortcut on my mom's phone to replace dirty laundry with the text of Ulysses #lol #momfail

17. This classy reader, clearly ahead of his time.

18. This reader sitting at a coffee shop realizing the author of their book is across the room.

19. This secret library code.

20. This strikingly badass tattoo of Hemingway.

21. This grammar police birthday card.

22. This teacher being totally cool when his student brought a typewriter to class.

23. This book that's clearly living up to its name.

24. This book cover actually coming to life.

25. And this one.

26. And this response from Kurt Vonnegut to a high school's request to visit him.