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    23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Ohio

    Cleveland is the reason we're cool.

    1. Sports

    2. Jobs

    3. Buckeyes

    What it means everywhere else: The large nutlike seed of a shrub or tree.

    What it means in Ohio: The large nutlike peanut butter treat of perfection, and the only athletes in the state who deserve enormously high salaries.

    4. Music

    What it means everywhere else: An art form consisting of sounds and melodies.

    What it means in Ohio: A legendary art form that Ohioans happen to be AMAZING at — Kid Cudi, Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl — just to name a few.

    5. Summer

    6. Parks

    7. Style

    8. Tractors

    9. Local news

    10. High school sweethearts

    11. Partying

    12. Voting

    13. People-watching

    14. Workplace diversity

    15. Blight

    16. Drinking

    17. Prices

    18. Construction

    19. Lakes

    20. Potholes

    21. Scenery

    22. Moving away

    23. Neighbors