26 Life Moments Instantly Improved With Explosions

This post will self-destruct in 5-seconds. Big ups to Michael Bay.

1. When you need to make a dramatic entrance.

2. When some diddler shakes up your soda.

3. When you’re celebrating a victory.

4. When you’re defying gravity.

5. And fist bumping your homies.

6. When you’re busting up myths.

Discovery / Via redd.it

7. When things heat up in Frozen.


8. When handshakes need to be more extreme.

9. When your team shuts down the run game.

NBC / Via redd.it

10. When you’re feeling dangerous.

11. When batters need to feel the heat.

12. When you’re jumping on the couch.

13. When you’re skipping rocks.

14. Or showing off your swagger.

15. When you’re faking an injury.

16. When you accidentally run into someone.

17. When you can’t stand up any longer.

18. When you drop your chai latte.

19. When you suddenly get butterfingers.

Spike TV

20. When your yoga balls collide.

21. When smoke rings touch each other.

22. When you get shoved off a steel cage.

23. When you’re getting your snack on.

24. When you can’t keep your balance.

25. When you wipe out.

26. And when you need to make a dramatic exit.

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