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    The 101 Most Important Selfies Of All Time

    Step up your selfie game.

    101. The Spider Photobomb

    Why It Matters: Because if you're overly concerned with taking the perfect selfie, you deserve to be scared shitless by a creepy-ass spider.

    100. The "My Parents Out-Selfied Me"

    99. The First Hashtag

    98. The Whitemare

    Why It Matters: Because Juggalos and Vanilla Ice still exist, and they're at large in New York City.

    97. The Clinton-Streep Selfie

    96. The Pixie Cut

    95. The Vulcan Mustache

    94. The Post-Pregnancy Selfie

    93. The Screw Martial Law Selfie

    But first, let me take a selfie. #coup #thailand

    Why It Matters: Because how else would you pass the time during a coup?

    92. Selfies Are Sometimes the Best Answer

    91. The Slim Shady

    90. The Super-Excited Husky

    89. The "You're Grounded for Life"

    88. The Ewok

    87. The "WTF Is Behind Me?"

    86. The Sochi Gold

    .@Jme_Anderson's #SochiSelfie with her hard-earned hardware:

    Why It Matters: Because winning Olympic gold ain't easy.

    85. The "I Won't Let You Become Roadkill"

    84. The Locked-Up Snap

    Why It Matters: Because if cops take your weed, it doesn't mean you can't have a good time.

    83. The Pre-Purchased Selfie

    82. The Uber-Creeper Photobomb

    81. The Super-Tiny Shades Pic

    80. The Wambulance

    79. The Pre-Linsanity

    78. Look Ma, No Hands

    77. Kicking It Down Under

    76. The Most Louie Selfie

    75. The Sloppy Giraffe

    74. The Bae Caught Her Slippin'

    73. The Mythbuster

    72. The Don Henley

    71. The Snacking Panda Bear

    70. America's Most Wanted

    69. The "Am I Doing This Right?"

    68. The Double Grump

    67. Before I Sneak Out

    66. The Crimea Invasion

    65. Sunday Brunch

    64. The Pre-Commencement-Speech Selfie

    63. The Photogenic Dog

    62. The Photogenic Cat

    61. The Elephant Man

    60. The Double Rainbow

    59. The Bambi

    58. The Faulty Air Conditioner

    57. The Underwater Voting Booth

    56. The Antelope Canyon

    55. The Chilling with My Monkey

    54. The Fear and Loathing in San Juan

    22 year old Hunter S. Thompson's selfie, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1960

    Why It Matters: Because who knows what kind of craziness Hunter S. Thompson was thinking when he took this photo.

    53. The Beatle

    52. This Extremely Majestic Portrait

    51. The Cool-A$$ Grandmother

    50. The Open Wider

    49. The Inception

    48. The People's Photobomb

    47. The Presidential Selfie

    46. The Gotta Catch 'Em All

    45. The Kimmel, Clinton Challenge

    .@TheEllenShow- No Brad Cooper but 3 Clintons & a Kimmel @BillClinton @HillaryClinton @ChelseaClinton #selfie

    Why It Matters: Because they're calling out Ellen.

    44. The Splash Tub

    Why It Matters: Because this is the only appropriate bathtub selfie.

    43. The Happy Quokka

    42. The Checkpoint

    41. The Hood Retriever

    40. The McGuyver

    39. The Dudes

    38. The Ride-Along

    37. The Cage on a Plane

    36. The Backstage Photobomb

    35. The Breakout Stars

    34. The Radiologist

    33. The "Nice Helmet, Bro"

    32. Three Regular Bros

    31. The Top Gun

    30. Going to Finish Eating This Human But First

    29. The Mid-Concert Beyoncé Selfie

    28. The Shark Week

    27. On Top of the World

    26. The "Don't Play Near Trains"

    25. Middle-of-a-Bubble Selfie

    24. The 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor

    23. The All Around the World

    22. The Old-School Secretary of State

    21. Mom's First Selfie

    20. The Unintentional Grandparent Selfie

    19. Lights, Camera, Rabies

    18. The "We Just Kicked That Fire's Ass"

    17. #Blessed by the Pope

    Why It Matters: Because Pope Francis is a boss.

    16. The Jesus Is My Homeboy

    15. The Plane Crash

    14. The "Most Dangerous" Selfie Ever

    13. The "Gooooaaaaaalll"

    12. The Gameboy

    11. The All-American

    Here is Jacqueline Kennedy's selfie of 60 years ago with sister-in-law Ethel & JFK (in mirror): #Mcinnis

    Why It Matters: Because Ethel, Jackie, and John's mirror selfie is just plain awesome.

    10. The "You Can Vote Me Into Office But First"

    Why It Matters: You don't win the largest democratic election in history without posting high-quality tweets.

    9. From Inside the Riot Van

    Selfie dediğin polis otosunda gözaltındayken ๾kilir (7 Mart)

    Why It Matters: Because these Turkish protestors are the epitome of badass.

    8. Count Backward from 10

    7. You Can Go Ahead and Tackle Me But First

    6. You Can Go Into Labor But First

    Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions

    Why It Matters: Because he took a selfie of his teacher having contractions.

    5. The Great, Great, Great Dickens

    4. The First Selfie Known to Man

    3. The Most Badass Selfie Ever Taken

    2. The Most Popular Selfie in the World

    If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

    Why It Matters: It's literally the most popular selfie on Twitter.

    1. The Most Popular Selfie in the Universe