14 Heartwarming Before And After Photos Of Rescued Animals

Be thankful you don’t live in a zoo or farm.

Jessica Johnson, media liaison at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and Meredith Turner, spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary, shared with BuzzFeed the stories of 14 animals who were rescued from abusive farms and zoos.

1. Lila

Farm Sanctuary

Lila was found dying on a pile of dead animals at a backyard butchering facility. Weakened by parasites and anemia, she wasn’t able to walk for more than four weeks. She received a blood transfusion at Cornell University Hospital for Animals and now lives with her boyfriend Elliot.

2. Elliott

Farm Sanctuary

Elliott was found roaming the streets of Brooklyn with a tag on his ear that read: MEAT. He escaped from a live animal market and is now strong enough to be active.

3. Peter


Peter was found at a Pennsylvania dairy factory farm by the PETA investigative team. The farm was facing animal cruelty charges and PETA was able to purchase Peter and another male calf and send them to Cow Sanctuary.

4. Monet and Monisse

Farm Sanctuary

The two ducks were anonymously left at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter. Their beaks were covered in sores, and terrified of humans. They received proper medical care and are now happily living at the New York shelter.

5. Ben

Ben spent six years in a kennel outside the Jambbas Ranch, a North Carolina roadside zoo. He was rescued by PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. He now lives at the Performing Animal Welfare Society in northern California.

6. Sunder


Sunder was rescued from a temple in Kolhapur, India, where he was chained in a dark shed and regularly beaten by his handler. Sunder now lives in Bannerghatta Biological Park.

7. Opie

Derek Goodwin/Farm Sactuary

Opie was neglected by a dairy producer and rescued by Farm Sanctuary’s president, Gene Baur. He wound up becoming the leader of Farm Sanctuary’s cattle herd.

8. Valediction

Leigh Vogel/PETA

Valediction was one of the racehorses at trainer Steve Asmussen’s stables at Churchill Downs. He now lives at a farm in Virginia.

9. Bean

Farm Sanctuary

Bean’s owner brought him to Farm Sanctuary where he received daily medical care and intense physical therapy. Bean made a full recovery and now lives at Farm Sanctuary’s Orland shelter.

10. 24 Baby Turkeys

Farm Sanctuary

The turkeys were anonymously left at Farm Sanctuary with shorn beaks, various infections, and were too weak to stand. They are currently living at the New York sanctuary.

11. Angie

Farm Sanctuary

Angie was rescued from an egg farm where she was left in a manure pit. She regained full health and now lives at Farm Sanctuary.

12. Olivia

Farm Sanctuary

Olivia’s caregivers brought her to Farm Sanctuary with half her face missing. She received medical care and surgery at Cornell until she finally healed.

13. Butterscotch

Farm Sanctuary

Butterscotch is among a group of 200 hens rescued from a slaughterhouse. She had a serious blinding eye infection that was diagnosed as a cancerous tumor. After the tumor was removed, she regained her eyesight.

14. Riley

Farm Sanctuary/Jo-Anne McArthur

Riley was rescued from a New York livestock auction. Before being rescued, he was too sick to stand. Despite regaining his health, he still slightly tilts his head due to trauma.

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