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33 Scientific Reasons To Smoke More Weed

You know you (mari)wanna.

1. It supposedly reduces 90% of skin cancer in 20 weeks.

2. Weed may reduce the suicide rate for men ages 29 through 39.

3. THC may cure cancerous diseases by altering your genes.

4. Weed helps promote creativity.

5. Some studies report no connection between pot and lung cancer.

6. It may help regulate bodyweight.

7. It has been prescribed to help fight ADHD.

8. Weed fights brain aging and helps increase stamina.

9. It might be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

10. It can stop seizures.

11. It may cure post-traumatic stress disorder.

12. And it might actually grow stem cells and repair the brain after injury.

13. It may prevent organ transplants from being rejected.

14. Although weed gets as bad a rap as alcohol, driving drunk is significantly more dangerous than driving high (not that you should be doing either).

15. And it helps treat blood cancer.

16. This study found "no evidence" that criminalization reduces marijuana use and that decriminalization increases use.

17. It helps treat liver cancer.

18. It helps people dealing with social exclusion.

19. It actually CUTS lung cancer tumor growth in half.

20. It helps treat throat cancer.

21. Marijuana is more potent than in the past.

22. It helps keep Swiss inmates calm in prison.

23. Alcohol is more of a gateway drug than weed.

24. It actually helps people dealing with most negative emotions.

25. And the Federal Government signed off on studies to treat veterans with PTSD.

26. Marijuana helps treat Parkinson's disease.

27. Legalizing weed might generate billions of dollars in tax revenue.

28. Smoking weed helps treat Crohn's disease.

29. Weed helps treat arthritis.

30. Studies fail to show that smoking weed is somehow linked to crime.

31. Teens who smoke may have healthier brain tissue than teens who drink.

32. Synthetic marijuana is more dangerous than the real thing.

33. More than 18 million Americans smoke it. They can't all be wrong, right?