21 Space Facts That Are Literally Out Of This World

Prepare to be STARtled.

1. There is a planet that may be made entirely out of diamonds.

2. The largest star in the universe is being eaten by a black hole.

3. Scientists recently found what might be the first signs of the big bang.


4. Space is completely silent.

Warner Bros.

Since there’s no atmosphere in space, there’s no medium for sound to travel.

5. A single day on Venus is longer than an entire year.

It takes Venus 243 Earth days to rotate, but fewer to orbit the sun: 225 compared with our 365.

6. Space has its very own magnifying glass.

Astronomers are able to view multiple galaxies and quasars from the microscope. It actually makes multiple copies of everything magnified.

7. A lava-filled planet is the most Earthlike planet astronomers have discovered.

David Aguilar / CFA

8. There are giant pools of water floating in space.

These have 140 trillion times the amount of water found on Earth. Imagine jumping into that.

9. There’s a star that’s only 20 degrees Celsius.

If you were hanging out on this star you would probably need a hoodie.

10. Oxygen circulates around each space suit helmet to prevent the visors from misting.

11. The large quasar group breaks the modern laws for standard astronomy.

12. If metal touches in space, it will bond and become permanently stuck together.

14. One day in Mercury lasts approximately 59 days on Earth.

15. A soup can full of neutron star material would have more mass than the Moon.

16. Every 15 years or so, a trick involving sunlight causes it to appear to us on Earth as if Saturn’s rings have vanished. The last time this happened was 2009.

17. If you ever stepped on the moon, your footprints would remain there forever.


18. The sun’s mass takes up 99% of all the mass of the solar system.

19. There’s more than 500,000 pieces of space junk.

Rocket and satellite debris can travel as fast as 17,500 mph. That’s fast enough to damage a spacecraft.

20. The moon actually used to be a chunk of the Earth.

21. Wormholes might be linked to quantum physics.

Geometry, time travel, quantum entanglement? Click here for an actual explanation.

Doesn’t all that make you wanna party in space?


The sun’s mass takes up 99% of all the mass of the solar system. An earlier version of this post said its mass takes up 99% of the solar system.

An earlier version of this post also misstated that our galaxy’s center may smell like raspberries and rum and that Saturn’s rings will eventually disappear.

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