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    21 Inventions We Need To See In Our Lifetime

    Redditors asked "What do you most want to be invented in your lifetime?" And the results were super interesting.

    1. For people who forget their dreams.

    Shutterstock / Via

    2. For people too lazy to clean.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    3. For people too lazy to drive.

    4. For people sick of grocery shopping.

    5. For the fruit snob.

    6. For people who want to observe history.

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    7. For people who want to rewrite it.

    8. For people who overheat their food.

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    9. For people who never learned know how to skate.

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    10. For people who always lose their mind.

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    11. For people who wanna kick it in space.

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    12. For people who want to travel the world.

    CBS / Via

    13. For people who want to arrive in style.

    United Artists / Via

    14. For people who dig iron suits.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    15. For people who want live out their video games.

    Capcom / Via

    16. For the people sick of ruining the planet. / Via

    An environmentally friendly energy source.

    17. And for the people wanting to escape it for awhile.

    NASA / Via


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    19. For people willing to freeze themselves.

    Lucasfilm / Via

    20. For people excited for these future inventions.

    Shutterstock / Via

    21. And for the people who deserve them now.

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