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    18 Perfectly Harmless Pranks To Play On Your Friends

    Pranks for the memories.

    1. Make them a pasty orange juice substitute.

    Orange you glad to have such Krafty friends?

    2. Get them music they simple cannot ignore.

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    Duct tape a harmonica to the grill of your BFF's car. When your loved ones hit 40 mph, they'll hear beautiful wailing sounds reminiscent of Neil Young.

    3. Make sure your closest friends get to work on time by setting a plethora of alarm clocks.


    Buy battery powered clocks from the dollar store, set them to go off in 5-minute intervals and hide them in your homie's room. They'll never sleep the same way again!

    4. Sign them up for a new spiritual group.

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    The good folks at will gladly stop at your dearest friends house and preach the word of the Church of Mormon saints.

    5. Make them a super tasty caramel onion.

    6. Help your friends communicate easier by creating shortcuts in their smartphones.

    Example: Change "BRB" to auto lengthen itself out to "be right back." And lengthen "Lol" to "loser on legs."

    More fun examples: "dad's penis" Shortcut: "dad"

    And: "naked" Shortcut "later"

    7. Confuse your friends and update your style at the same time.


    Buy 5-8 different sized hats of the same style. Wear the smallest hat, and swap out a size larger every hour.

    8. Make sure your friends stay alert even after they wake up!

    Grab some duct tape and an air horn, and watch your dearest friends jump in pure excitement. Don't be afraid to be creative with your placement.

    9. Prevent them from taking unnecessary trips to the restroom.


    Tape an "X" across the restroom doorway and post a "Do not use" sign on the door.

    10. Give your friends a nice warm sticky shower.

    Remove shower head, place jolly ranchers inside of it. Also, be a chum and make sure there are plenty lint towels nearby.

    Kool-Aid is also a good substitute.

    11. Purchase your buddies some haribo sugar free gummy bears.

    This one is pretty gross, but they'll definitely form new relationships after they gas up the rooms they are in.

    12. Sneak into your friend's work area and place their supplies inside balloons.

    For this to work you're going to need lots of balloons.

    13. Improve your friends reaction time with a false spider alarm.


    Loosen the lid on an empty jar, run into a room full of people saying "guys check out this huge spider I caught." Drop the jar, and watch everyone freak out.

    14. Give your friends a morning brush they'll never forget.

    Place maximum strength Orajel inside your best friend's toothpaste. Their mouth will go completely numb in a matter of seconds.

    You can also dip your friends cigarettes in the gel.

    15. Inspire your friends with their favorite actor.

    Search, find, print, repeat. Post pictures of Nicholas Kim Cage everywhere.

    16. Get ahold of your friend's Facebook page and change their birthday to April 1st (or any other appropriate day.)


    When all their friends send their birthday wishes, your friend will jump in excitement.

    17. Help encourage and brighten smiles with these toothpaste cookies.

    Scrape out the vanilla, replace with toothpaste, then give the cookie enough time to dry.

    18. Whip them up scrumptious mayonnaise filled donuts.

    Poke a hole in a zip lock bag, fill it with mayo, knife a donut, then squeeze the mayo into the treat. And voila! An awesomely disgusting donut.

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