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The 15 Worst Types Of People At Every Super Bowl Party

"Who's playing again?"

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1. The Ex-Football Player

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They will chew your ear off about their glory days and how they could've gone all the way. Now the only thing they're going all the way for is to the fridge for another 5,000 calories to add to their continually expanding fat rolls.

4. The Clueless One

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I understand the complexities of the NFL rulebook go over the heads of even the most diehard fans, but it's really not THAT hard to remember what a first down is. Like, five-year-olds can do it.


10. The Phone Freak


They couldn't care less about the game and would rather be on their phone than at the party. The plus side is that they are the best people to ask to go get you a drink since they couldn't give two shits about what is happening on the screen.

11. The Stealth Eater

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One minute there was a bowl full of guacamole, and the next...nothing. Same with the Lil' Smokies. Something fishy is going on here, that's for sure, and it's not that last fumble recovery call, bub.


14. The Bandwagoner


Hasn't ever mentioned the team from their hometown to you ever before. Now that it's in the Super Bowl, they're huge fans and call the players by their first names. People from Boston do this a lot.