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    13 Reasons Why Doing Nothing On The Weekend Is The Absolute Best

    Because last weekend you went to Costco. Remember how horrible that was?

    Hell, yeah. It's Friday, and you know what that means:

    Better yet, you remember that you have nothing to do this weekend.

    Why is having nothing to do so great? Well, you get to:

    1. Sleep in

    2. Stay in bed as long as you want

    3. Have a clothing optional time

    4. Catch up on your DVR

    5. Not commute

    6. Save money

    7. Drink to your hearts content

    8. Take as long of a shower/bath as you want

    9. Nap just because

    10. Eat all the foods that give you, er, problems.

    11. Internet binge

    12. Stay up as late as you want

    13. Or, go to bed as early as you want, whatevs