13 Reasons Why Doing Nothing On The Weekend Is The Absolute Best

Because last weekend you went to Costco. Remember how horrible that was?

Hell, yeah. It’s Friday, and you know what that means:

Better yet, you remember that you have nothing to do this weekend.

Why is having nothing to do so great? Well, you get to:

1. Sleep in

No alarms will be set. Scratch that. Just put your alarm clock in the freezer for the weekend.

2. Stay in bed as long as you want

Your bed is extra comfortable when don’t have to get up and head to work.

3. Have a clothing optional time

Pants? We don’t need no stinking pants.

4. Catch up on your DVR

Six episodes of Ink Master? Let’s do it up!

5. Not commute

Only places you’ll be going this weekend are the kitchen, the bathroom, and to bed.

6. Save money

No plans = not spending money going out. Not spending money going out = more money. More money = you are a genius, pants-less millionaire.

7. Drink to your hearts content

And why not? You deserve it.

8. Take as long of a shower/bath as you want

Or don’t take a shower/bath all weekend. You do you, boo.

9. Nap just because

Eat an ice cream sandwich? Take a nap. Clip your toenails? Take another nap!

10. Eat all the foods that give you, er, problems.

Good thing you have nowhere to be.

11. Internet binge

You know what I mean. *winks*

12. Stay up as late as you want

13. Or, go to bed as early as you want, whatevs

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