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    16 Wedding Gifts You Will Get No Matter What

    Great, another toaster.

    1. A toaster.

    2. Towels galore.

    3. Crystal frames.

    4. Gross-scented candles.

    5. A figurine.

    6. Fancy glassware that you will never use unless the president comes over.

    7. A homemade "work of art."

    8. Something religious.

    9. One Honeyfund donation for the excursion you don't really want to do.

    10. A kitchen gadget you didn't even know existed.

    11. A gift with no card attached.

    12. On the other hand, a card that mentions a gift you never received.

    13. An engraved/embroidered gift.

    14. Gift cards to places you never go.

    15. A perfect, beautiful, thoughtful gift with a lovely note given to you by someone you hardly know.

    16. Cash.