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15 Surefire Ways To Win A Southern Girl's Heart

Let me be your sweet-tea.

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1. Open the door for her, and for those around you.


OK, I'm not being misogynist or trying to reinforce gender roles, I'm just saying open the door for her and anyone else coming through said doorway. Remember, "Let me get that for you" goes a long way not just with Southern women, but humans in general.

4. Know what is and isn't the South.

Miami is not the South, but Tallahassee is.


6. KNOW the difference between grilling some burgers and actual BBQ.

Here, let me just tell you: If you say, "Let's go get some BBQ," she expects slow-cooked meats in either the dry-rubbed or wet variety, and not, I repeat NOT, burgers and hot dogs cooked on a Weber.


9. Especially the sweet tea.

Trust me, once you go sweet your life is complete.

12. Learn to give directions by landmarks.

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"Turn left at the second big oak tree, and then on the left you'll see the big blue bridge. Two more minutes and you're there." – You

"I think I love you." – Her


15. Let her surprise you.

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The best thing about her being from the South is the fact that she will surprise you daily. Why? Because she is a person just like anyone else, duh? But being from the South is just the icing on the armadillo cake.