16 Ways To Make Everybody In An Elevator Hate You

Congrats, you’re now the worst person ever.

1. Press the wrong floor button.

New Line Cinema / Via gifstumblr.com

Just say you meant to press floor 12 and hit floor 8 by “accident.” Then watch as everyone around you fills internally with rage.

2. Tell someone that the elevator is going down when it is really going up.

Hope they wanted a view of the top floor.

3. Make small talk.

Imagine Ent. / Via reddit.com

Or say something incredibly offensive that makes everyone hug the walls.

4. Hum, whistle, or sing.

Because everyone wants the “Macarena” stuck in their head all day, right?

5. Talk loudly on your phone.

Hey, anywhere you are is your own personal office space. You do you.

6. Jump.

Hahaha. It felt like the cable gave for a split second. Now everyone looks hilarious with their stupid scared faces.

7. Hit the door close button as someone is trying to get in.

HBO / Via hollywood.com

Got ‘em!

8. Sneeze like a beast.

It’s funny, because everyone will think they have the flu now but really you just have allergies. LOL.

9. Take up a lot of space.

What’s funny is that you aren’t even moving. You just like to be a dick.

10. Make out.

Because nothing sucks more than being forced to watch two people sloppily suck face in public.

11. Break personal space boundaries.

Jessica Dorsey / Via dixiesunnews.com

You could move, but why would you?

12. Eat.

Waiting to eat is for suckers. Bonus points if you take a seat and enjoy your damn self.

13. Pretend to be a ghost.

ROTFLMAO, jerks.

14. Stare.

I mean, how else are the other people in the elevator supposed to know you see them?

15. Either rip a loud fart…

20th Century Fox / Via fodrizzle.com

Nothing makes a stranger hate you more than forcing them to inhale your butt trumpet for three floors in an enclosed space, especially when you announce it with such aplomb.

16. … Or drop the silent but deadly bomb.

Nickleodeon / Via quickmeme.com

Then walk out like a boss, leaving the rest of the people in the elevator to suffer your wrath.

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