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    Mar 5, 2014

    Watch A Super Shy Brad Pitt In This 1990 Interview

    It's like he was a completely different person.

    Here is a (relatively unknown at the time) Brad Bitt doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his short-lived TV show, Glory Days in 1990.

    Glory Days would only last six episodes before getting the chop from Fox, sadly.

    Pitt, who is 26 years old here, is a tad, shall we say, awkward.


    He doesn't really like his character's name of "Walker Lovejoy" and is a little shy when asked about his career goals. When asked asked if he is "Shy or just private?" he answers, "Everything."

    Anyway, can we talk about this hat and paisley bandana combo? WTF?

    And the earring? So. '90s.

    He's basically dressed like a villain from Surf Ninjas. A shy, awkward villain.

    Good thing he finally came out of his shell!

    Mike Blake / Reuters

    Check out this amazingly awkward interview:

    View this video on YouTube

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