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21 Types Of People You See At Disneyland

It takes all kinds to populate the Happiest Place on Earth. What kind are you?

1. The matching T-shirt family.

2. The first-timers.

3. The fanatics.

4. The people who bring their own food to "save money."

5. The hipsters.

6. The early birds.

7. The pin peeps.

8. The kids who are not having a good time.

9. The little princesses.

10. The scooter gang.

11. The tourists.

12. The awkward daters.

13. The goths.

14. The "injured."

15. The people who must take a funny picture on every ride that offers it.

16. The people who snag seats for the parade really early.

17. The guy eating a giant turkey leg.

18. The grandparents.

19. The newlyweds.

20. The celebrity who is being privately escorted around and gets to go to the front of the line because they are better than you.

21. The guy who is there alone.