16 Tiny Miracles Only Thirtysomethings Can Appreciate

    It's the little things, y'know?

    1. Drinking more than two drinks and waking up without a hangover.

    2. Eating pizza and not having your acid reflux kick in.

    3. Only being invited to ONE wedding during the summer.

    4. Seeing a band from your youth that still rocks.

    5. Staying up late and not feeling tired the next morning.

    6. Bingeing on junk food and STILL fitting into your skinny jeans.

    7. Having a birthday and not feeling old and sad about it.

    8. Informing someone that you're single and not getting the third degree about it.

    9. Going on Facebook and not seeing a million engagement announcements and/or new baby photos.

    10. Mentioning an old movie to a young co-worker and finding out that they've seen it.

    11. Correctly using slang without embarrassing yourself.

    12. Not being called "ma'am" or "sir" by someone younger than you.

    13. Being invited to go out at a reasonable hour, say 7 p.m., or so.

    14. Getting carded when you least expect it.

    15. Going wine tasting and actually drinking in moderation.

    16. Getting a day off with no errands to run, no one to see, and actually having time to yourself.