What Having A Boner Feels Like According To Men (And Women)

Yes, you read that correctly.

We asked the men of BuzzFeed to draw what having a boner feels like. The results were surprisingly scientific*.

*Meaning not scientific at all.

1. This guy’s boner is like a warm sun/a fiery crotch of colorful pubes.


2. This dude’s boner is like a Top 40 hit.


3. This guy has a Super boner, if you know what I’m Saiyan?

Toei Animation / Via youtubepoop.wikia.com

DragonBALLZ. I get it.

4. Nailed it.

5. “It’s not a tumor! It’s a boner!”

Universal Pictures

6. This dude feels that his boners are like tourist attractions.

7. This guy has boners that make him see stars.

8. This dude has boners that demand sequels.

DreamWorks Pictures

9. This is probably the manliest boner feeling of them all.

10. Probably the most accurate depiction, IMO.

11. I think this guy was saying that his boners will make you forget you were even there.

Colombia Pictures

12. “Boner? Did you just throw that pencil at me?” “Sorry.”


13. I think all men can relate to the way this dude feels about his boners.

14. This man’s boner is like an old building, meaning it has seen some stuff and is still standing strong.

At a certain point GIFs were needed to fully explain the true boner experience*.

*Truly disturbing in some cases.

15. To this bro, boners are like Superman IV: powerfully corny.

Warner Bros.

16. This dude’s boners literally knock him on his ass.

17. This man’s boner is like a ’90s kids show.

Saban Entertainment

18. “The never-ending booooneeeer! Whoa-oh-oh, whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh…”

Warner Bros.

19. This guy nailed what it feels like to have an inopportune boner.

“I just want to play, is all!”

20. And finally, this dude has boners that are always locked and loaded.

Not to be outdone, the women of BuzzFeed offered what they thought having a boner feels like. They were pretty accurate*.

*Not accurate at all.

21. I think this woman has the idea you get a boner by stretching it out?

No one try to see if it works, please. It doesn’t. I’ve tried.

22. I don’t think any guy thinks of their boner as greasy and cheesy.

And if you do then go see a doctor immediately.

23. I think this woman is referring to the fact the boner is a muscle and not an actual bone.

At least I hope that is what she means and not that our boners can bench press 175 lbs.

24. This girl thinks boners are like storm fronts rolling in.

25. And this girl thinks that boners are like the nightly news.

26. Yes, it is exactly like this*.

20th Century Fox

*This = not at all and now I am terrified of getting a boner.

27. This woman titled this “DAYUMM HE HARD LIKE A ROCK.”

It’s actually not that hard and with less green moss, thank you very much.

28. Probably the cutest explanation, but no.

29. And this woman, well…

In the end, the only true feeling you can count on is your own. So don’t be ashamed of your boner!

DreamWorks Pictures / Via neverbackdownnj.tumblr.com

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