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    This Is What Happens When Sofia Vergara Takes A Nap

    What do you do when your co-star falls asleep with a tissue on her face? Photobomb her, of course.

    Poor Sofia. All she wanted was a little nappy nap but nooooooo. Jesse Tyler Ferguson had to put her on blast by posting a picture to his Instagram account.

    Not being satisfied, he then snuck a pic with himself in it, which he probably called "Mitch-in Impossible."

    Then Ty Burrell was all, "A pic without Phil is unfull-Phil-ing."

    And Eric Stonestreet was like, "Excuuuuuse me? Is that a Cam-era?"

    Even Julie Bowen had to de-Claire, "LOLOLOL."

    Yes, poor, poor Sofia. I hope she can get through this.

    ABC / Via

    Something tells me I think she will.

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