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    13 Trolls Who Are Better At Trolling Than You'll Ever Be

    Don't you just love trolling? I know these guys do.

    1. The troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

    He's why they invented the E-Z Pass.

    2. The trolls from Troll Hunter.

    Found footage trolls wrecking shit in the snow? Pretty good at trolling.

    3. The troll from Willow.

    Remember when Willow thinks he kills the troll and it's skin falls off and then Willow kicks it into the water and then it turns into a double-headed dragon thing? That was pretty cool.

    4. Olaf, the troll from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. / Via

    Yeah, we know you're Olaf, stop saying it, okay?

    5. The trolls from Troll.

    This movie actually scared me as a kid, I'm not gonna lie.

    6. The trolls from Troll 2. / Via

    Only associated with its predecessor in name, Troll 2 is infamous for being considered the best worst movie, and it really is a must-see.

    7. The bathroom troll from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

    This dude singlehandedly brought back the vest.

    8. The troll from Skyrim. / Via

    "I am fortune's fool!" -- Leo DiCaprio

    9. The trolls from World of Warcraft.

    I have a bone to pick with this guy... out of his nose, that is.

    10. The stone trolls from The Hobbit.

    All they wanted was something to snack on, is that so wrong?

    11. The Boxtrolls from The Boxtrolls.

    Focus Features / Via

    They're so ugly they're cute.

    12. The trolls from Frozen.

    Disney / Via

    They can turn any heart of stone into a heart of gold.

    13. Troll dolls from everywhere.

    Don't trust 'em. They may look cute but they'll turn on you in a hot minute.

    Yay, trolls!

    Disney/Pixar / Via

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