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    37 Things You'll Want To Remember From Last Season's Finale Of "Sons Of Anarchy"

    Let's get reacquainted with the M.C. in "J'ai Obtenu Cette," the Season 5 finale, and remember why the Sons of Anarchy are one crew you would never want to mess with.

    1. Clay had his Reaper tattoo "erased."

    That sure looks like it hurt like hell, boy.

    2. Jax and Damon Pope made arrangements on Charming Heights and turning over Tig.

    All Jax asked for was that he got a signed copy of the contract. Nothing suspicious about that.

    3. Clay and Gemma were headed to Ireland.

    "The honeymoon we never had; war-torn Belfast."

    4. Tara found out her arm was healed.

    5. But also how Jax gave Wendy a speedball to blackmail her out of their lives.

    But Wendy don't play that way.

    6. Gemma found out Tara got the job in Oregon.

    7. Nero and Dave Navarro got help from the Sons and the "Cholo Cavalry" taking down a dog fighting ring.

    8. The Sons hate dog fighting.

    9. Especially Tig.

    Tig was about to off this dude who was about to off this dog. Instead, he let the dude go and saved the injured pit bull.

    10. Jax saw the "homeless girl" again.

    She pops up at the most peculiar times, doesn't she?

    11. This cholo really "nailed" it.

    12. The guy running the dog fights picked the most ironic car to rob.


    13. Jax found out Tara's arm was okay.

    But totally played down that Wendy was a threat, saying she's "just a junkie."

    14. Oh yeah, Chucky is speaking French now.

    15. Unser filled Jax in on Lee Toric (Donal Logue)

    Basically, Toric is a bad mutha who is pissed that Otto killed his sister.

    16. Speaking of Otto, instead of testifying he did this.

    He even squashed it for good measure. That's Otto!

    17. Gemma warned Tara not to leave Charming.

    "If you step one foot out of Charming, the only place you're going is prison."

    She also gave her a gut punch, like the caring mother-in-law she is.

    18. Jax turned Tig over to Pope.

    Tig thought they were going to get the breeders responsible for supplying the dog fights, because, y'know, Tig loves dogs.

    19. Jax got the contract.

    So long, Tig. Right?

    20. Wrong.

    21. Jax used Clay's gun to kill Pope and his people.

    22. Jax called Sheriff Roosevelt and told him where to find Pope and the murder weapon.


    24. Tara signed her life insurance policy.

    25. Clay told Juice, "I love you, brotha. I'm gonna miss you most."

    26. Gemma threw Clay under the bus when Sheriff Roosevelt showed up.

    "He went out for a few hours. Took the gun, said he had to settle up some accounts before he left."

    27. Jax and Marks, Pope's former right hand man, came to an agreement.

    After assuring Marks that he had nothing to do with Pope's death, he added, "If it's any consolation, I'm really looking forward to working with you, Mr. Marks."

    28. Marks put a hit on Clay.

    29. Jax told Juice he was proud of him.

    Where else did you think Jax got Clay's gun from?

    30. The dog is okay!

    31. Jax told Bobby, "Maybe I'm no different" than Clay.

    32. While at Nero's, Gemma overheard Jax and Nero talking about getting out of the game.

    33. Tara told Jax she was moving to Oregon with the boys, and that if he loved them he should go too.

    34. Unfortunately, Sheriff Roosevelt showed up to arrest...


    35. Bobby gave up being the club's vice president.

    36. The dog is still okay!

    37. And finally, we were reminded that with Gemma, there is no taking her boys away.

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