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    23 Things Only Angelenos Can Brag About

    "I know the BEST dog-friendly restaurant!"

    1. Seeing Angelyne TWICE in one day.

    2. Getting a parking spot immediately at Trader Joe's.

    3. Staying until the end of a Dodgers game.

    4. Knowing the best way to get to LAX.

    5. Having the know-how to sneak booze into the Hollywood Bowl for non-Bowl events.

    6. Also, not paying for parking at the Hollywood Bowl.

    7. When the barista knows your order at Urth Cafe.

    8. Buying the perfect multi-season sweater.

    9. Having a friend that works at Disneyland.

    10. Getting the last cake at Porto's.

    11. Finding a non-permit parking spot.

    12. Getting a parking spot on the third floor of The Grove. During Christmas.

    13. Beating the traffic on the 405 before rush hour.

    14. That you've never, ever bought anything from Hollywood and Highland.

    15. Knowing the fastest routes around town without using Waze.

    16. Spotting a celeb at Runyon Canyon.

    17. Making your own pressed juice.

    18. Finding a new dog-friendly restaurant.

    19. Not being a bandwagon Clippers fan.

    20. Sleeping through an earthquake.

    21. Not eating at Chick-fil-A.

    22. That you work out at the "good" gym.

    23. Saying how much you love New York but could never live there.

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