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25 Questions Married People Are Tired Of Hearing

Yes, we still have sex.

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1. "Don't you know 50% of marriages end in divorce?"


Thanks for pointing that out. Are you going to tell me my chances of getting cancer next?

2. "What's the point of even getting married anymore?"

First Look Home Ent. / Via

Um, I dunno. Maybe because we wanted to commit to each other more than just living together?

3. "Do you ever worry about your spouse divorcing you and taking half your stuff?"

E! / Via

Right. Because "stuff" is what I got married for.

4. "Do you think you'll be married forever?"

Pixar / Via

Forever? No, because eventually one of us will die. Thanks for reminding me of that.

5. "Are you more like brother and sister at this point?"

NBC / Via

I certainly hope brothers and sisters aren't doing what we did last night.

6. "Do you still find your spouse attractive?"

Walt Disney Studios

Are you being serious right now?

7. "Do you even hang out with your single friends any more?"

AMC / Via

No, they're dead to us. But we're hoping they'll get married one day so we can see them again. ::eye roll::

8. "You really think this is the person you want to be with the rest of your life?"

AMC / Via

Well if I didn't then saying "I do" was a stupid thing to do, don't you think?

9. "Do you ever think about sex with your spouse's brother/sister/friends?"

NBC / Via

Of course not. (And even if we did we'd never tell you).

10. "Don't you hate having to run everything by her/him?"


It's called being respectful since this a partnership. You are seriously getting on my nerves now.

11. "How's the old ball and chain?"

Paramount Pictures

Ball and chain? Really? What is this? The 1950s?

12. "Do you still have sex?"

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

::clenches fists until knuckles turn white::

13. "Why did you take/not take his last name?"

NBC / Via

Why do people care about this so much? Seriously... I think Prince got asked fewer questions when he changed his name to a symbol.

14. "Did you just get married for the tax benefit?"

Comedy Central / Via

Yes. Oh, and to get added to my spouse's Costco card. ::gives side eye::

15. "Who wears the pants in the family?"

Disney / Via

It's 2014. We both wear pants, thanks.

16. "Is the magic gone?"

BBC / Via

Marriage is work, not magic. But do we still love each other? Definitely.

17. "When are you having kids?"

Overture Films / Via

Sorry, I missed the part of the wedding vows that said, "To have and to hold and have a bunch of freaking children."

18. "Are you going to have any more kids?"

TBS / Via

Are you going to keep asking me inane questions?

19. "Do you go to the bathroom in front of each other?"


Ew. Why are you asking us about how we go to the bathroom?

20. "How can you get married when so many people still can't?"

NBC / Via

Because us not getting married solves nothing, and hopefully having a successful marriage will inspire those who want to get married to keep fighting.

21. "Don't you hate sharing a bank account?"

Buena VIsta Pictures / Via

Actually, it's pretty damn convenient.

22. "Do you hate your in-laws?"

Colombia Pictures / Via

Are you trying to start a fight between my spouse and me?

23. "Is the seven-year-itch a real thing?"


You're basically asking if we want to have sex with other people. Not cool.

24. "You must love when the other one is gone for awhile, right?"

20th Century Fox / Via

Look, we got married to be together. To. Geth. Er.

25. "How do you do it?"


It's no mystery: We love each other (and put in a lot of work).

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