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17 Things Guys Over 30 Need To Stop Saying

Do they make these jeans any skinnier?

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1. "I love dating women my age. Hell, I've even dated older ones."

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Are you looking for applause that you're dating age appropriately? That's like wanting kudos for not farting in a crowded elevator.

3. "We should get some Jäger bombs."

Why on god's green earth are you still drinking Jägermeister? And more importantly why are you doing Jäger bombs? Or shots in general? Be the grown man that you are and sip a damn whiskey like the rest of us. Or a Pinot Gris, whatever floats your boat.


17. ::to a young person:: "I can't believe you've never seen [Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, etc.]!"

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Remember when you were 22 and people made fun of you for not seeing The Shining? It's the same thing with any movie you consider a classic now, no need to pay the shaming forward.