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25 Things Every Married Man Knows To Be True

Who knew "I do" also meant "I will kill every spider ever to 'til the end of eternity"?

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1. Any plans must be cross-checked with your spouse.

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Your buddies want you to come over Sunday and watch the game? Oops! You are supposed to go shopping for a chaise longue (whatever that is). Good thing you doubled checked.


5. Being open and honest about money will save you a lot of grief.

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They married "for better or worse" so don't be shy about the nature of your financial situation, especially since you're filing your taxes jointly now, and reaping those marriage benefits.

6. You will have to investigate every creak in the night and deal with every insect, even though you might be just as scared.

You know what I don't know? Karate. You know what I hate? Bugs. Know what I have to do all the time? Prepare myself to fight imaginary burglars/kill brown recluse spiders for the next 60 years because YOLO.

7. Separate sinks are a godsend.

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Even if that means separate bathrooms, or having to use the kitchen sink, since there is nothing more frustrating than two people trying to brush their teeth at the same time in the same sink.


10. All those fancy creams and lotions that take up all the bathroom counter space? You've tried them all.


You have a razor and some deodorant. They have kept every complimentary hotel soap since you've been together because, "This one is from our honeymoon... Oh! And this one is from our trip up north..." But damn if they don't make your skin all soft and supple.

11. You will get really into The Real Housewives series.

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What is this show about? WHO CARES? You both now love to sit and watch this train wreck while drinking pinot gris by the fire. Wait. Are you on the show now?!


22. When someone flirts with you, your mind can't process it.

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Isn't that ring on your finger like some sort of anti-flirt force field? Why would someone do this to you? But still, they just made your day.

23. You thought you had style, but apparently you were wrong.


How come your spouse never told you how much they hated your favorite jacket when you were dating? Now it's, "Does this look good?" before heading out every day.

24. Making your spouse laugh is the greatest feeling (and vice-versa).


"Hey, Bey! Did I tell you I invested in a back scratcher company? Guess you can say I got 99 problems but an itch ain't one. LOL. Get it?" — Jay Z, probably

Finally, the thing every married man knows to be true and the secret to a lasting marriage...