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The 31 Most Important Mullets That Ever Existed

Legend in the front, god in the back.

1. This classy, elegant mullet.

2. The rare, but incredible, dreadlock mullet.

3. This seamless transition mullet.

4. The perfection that is the half perm/half mullet.

5. These epic bowl cut mullets.

6. This beautiful flowing piece of art.

7. This waterfall of majestic mullet glory.

8. This youthful and on trend mullet.

9. This gorgeous mullet that hasn't even seen it's full potential yet.

10. The school photo mullet that put every other kid to shame.

11. This guy who was arrested for mullet fishing while rocking a mullet.

12. This guy who is like, "Yeah, I know my mullet rocks."

13. This swagtastic mullet.

14. This superb jean short/hip phone/mullet combo.

15. This incredibly futuristic mullet.

16. This stunning, Jared Leto-inspired mullet.

17. The bullseye mullet.

18. This impeccable specimen of what a mullet can be if given the chance.

19. The definitely awesome corn row mullet.

20. The mullet that may have partied a little too hard.

21. The ingenious neck visor mullet.

22. The urban camouflage mullet.

23. This mullet that just took a trip to the Caribbean.

24. The epic whistling mullet.

25. The mullet even birds admire.

26. The amazing father and son mullet duo.

27. These life-giving twin mullets.

28. The just-hanging-out-mullet-with-a-tux on mullet.

29. The ultimate hightop fade and mullet combo.

30. The most perfect mullet that ever graced the Earth.

31. And finally, Peter Dinklage's game-changing '80s yearbook mullet.