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    16 Amazing Soda Display Sculptures That Belong In The Louvre

    These are Sprite up my alley!

    1. Dew... Or Dew not. There is no Sprite.

    2. Spooky and refreshing!

    3. Gobbling up cool points in the soda section.

    4. Santa does love a frosty Coke.

    5. 1 Up to whomever put this display together.

    6. Who you gonna call? Probably a doctor after drinking all this soda.

    7. Are those fangs or the result of drinking too much pop?

    8. This may not be the soda display this store needs, but the one it deserves.

    9. Pretty neat, eh?

    10. Even Georgia Bulldogs are like, "That is doggone cool!"

    11. Great, now I want a fruit salad.

    12. I wonder what this display is promoting?

    13. Cowabunga, dude who made this!

    14. This display is a touchdown, indeed.

    15. "Fire bad! Soda friend!"

    16. This display is a monster of radness.