7 Things All Mama’s Boys Know To Be True

You’re not spoiled, you’re just really loved.

1. When a meal is ready, you are served first, even if your siblings are dying of starvation.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

2. When the zombie apocalypse starts, you already have a plan to save your mom first.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

3. You speak to your mom at least once a week, if not daily. Mostly about important stuff, too.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

4. You didn’t learn basic human skills – like doing laundry – until moving away from home.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

5. You compare your mom’s cooking to everyone else’s, consequences be damned.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

6. You worry what your mom will think of your S.O., and vice versa. You also compare every future mate to her, which is so not creepy, right?

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

7. You thank your lucky stars every day for having an awesome mom, and know you’ll forever be a proud mama’s boy.

Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

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