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    15 Signs You're Ready To Start Your Vacation

    Is it 5 o'clock yet?

    1. You keep checking the time.

    2. And the status of your flight.

    3. You also keep checking the weather forecast.

    4. You eat lunch early in order to make time go faster.

    5. You keep wondering if there is anything you forgot to pack.

    6. You start panicking that there might be traffic.

    7. You keep asking people about their vacation plans so you can talk about yours.

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    8. You realize that you have not done any work for the last 45 minutes, because you've been staring at the clock.

    9. You get your stuff ready to go way sooner than you need to.

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    10. You try and see how long you can go without checking the time.

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    11. And then you check the gawd damn time.

    12. You begin to think that the clock is broke.

    13. You think that time is mocking you.

    14. You begin to hallucinate.

    15. You realize hardly any time has gone by at all.

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    But hey, at least we're in this together...?

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