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    23 Ring Bearers With Way More Style Than You

    They may be small, but their fashion sense is large.

    1. On next year's runway, the new thing in menswear will be truck accessories.

    2. This dude has that over-the-shoulder jacket thing on lock.

    3. On that Reservoir Pups style.

    4. Even the littler guy had to give him a hug for looking so good.

    5. Double dapper security detail.

    6. Somewhere, Kanye is trying to figure out how this kid does it.

    7. Effortless cool since preschool.

    8. That dog just wanted his autograph, I think.

    9. They're pointing at his fans.

    10. An equally styling flower girl? Check.

    11. Triple trouble.

    12. Even Raphael is like, "Game recognize game."

    13. I think he's carrying the secrets to his style.

    14. I'm a grown man and I've never taken a picture this good.

    15. Sometimes you gotta fly solo in order to truly let the world see how fashionable you are.

    16. Like a shark, he must keep moving lest his style get stale.

    17. OK. I give up. I'll never look this cool.

    18. Mint green suspenders? MINT. GREEN. SUSPENDERS.

    19. James Bond ain't got nothing of him.

    20. Sneakers and no tie say, "Even dressed down I can out-dress you."

    21. What's slicker than one kid in a classy shorts and bow tie ensemble? Two in the same outfit.

    22. White, red, and knockin' 'em dead.

    23. Thanks for making me up my wedding attire game, kid. You're my new hero.