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    20 Reasons Why Cheez-Its Are Everything That Is Right In The World

    Too legit to quit Cheez-Its.

    The Cheez-It is a humble cheddar snack. One square inch of pure joy that makes everything just that much brighter.

    1. Eating them makes you feel like you can do anything.

    2. They stand alone and are like no other snack, no matter who may tell you otherwise.

    3. They are the New York Yankees to Goldfish's Trenton Thunder.

    4. They come in a myriad of flavors that satisfy your every heart's desire.

    5. They are better than Wheaties at putting important people on the box.

    6. They know how to stand out without being obnoxious.

    Flickr: jemimus

    "We taking a picture? Sure, I'll stand in the back. No biggie."

    7. Cheez-Its can be enjoyed anywhere, like the open seas.

    Via Flickr: pthread

    "Thumbs up" is right!

    8. The Scrabble ones can be used to express the things you can't say out loud, which are sometimes harsh...

    Or encouraging...

    ...and sometimes amazing.

    9. You can learn math with them. Now that's a snack cracker.

    10. There is really no better food to get you through a tough day.

    Darren Vogt / Via

    11. Or when you just want to be alone.

    12. Animals love Cheez-Its, like this sugar glider.

    And this pup.

    And this squirrel.

    Even hamsters are like, "Nom nom nom Cheez-It nom nom nom."

    13. They are versatile in their culinary usage, making everything they are a part of amazing.

    14. People who don't get the appeal of Cheez-Its are pitiful in their wrongness.

    15. This is all you can say to these people:

    16. This truck doesn't just deliver Cheez-Its, it delivers hope.

    Flickr: 20918261@N00

    I like to believe that the white square is covering an "i" not an "o," because that should be everyone's personal mantra.

    17. This is how all people should keep their lips moist from all that salted goodness.

    18. They make you take a personal inventory of yourself, revealing your true desires.

    19. Because there is nothing sadder than running out of the tasty treat.

    20. And nothing better than opening a new box and falling in love all over again.

    All hail the Cheez-It!

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