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16 Reasons Why Gin Is The Best

Because you can't begin without "gin."

1. Gin and tonic can help fight malaria!

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The quinine in tonic water is what really helps malaria. But it has a bitter taste, which is complemented by the addition of gin. That's the reason why British colonialists in India started to drink the combo in the first place.

2. "Gin" is basically short for "juniper," which is super cute.

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It comes from the Dutch "jenever," the Italian "ginepro" and the French " genièvre," all meaning "juniper."

3. Vodka is made from potatoes. Gin is made from pine cones. Suck it, vodka.


Juniper berries, where gin gets its distinct flavor from, are actually conifers, like pine cones. Instead of getting all pine cone-y, they stay fleshy and berry-like. Crazy, I know.

4. It was created by a doctor (with a Ph.D in Good Times, I bet).


Franciscus Sylvius, a Dutch physician, allegedly invented gin. No one seems to be 100% sure on the actual invention of the spirit, but Holland's Sylvius is often given the credit. Let's just say to whomever invented it, God bless.

5. 1920s Prohibition-era "bathtub gin" almost always tasted horrible, but no one cared because gin is awesome.


It was basically grain alcohol with some herbs mixed in to make a bootleg spirit. On the plus side, the horrible taste was responsible for a plethora of cocktails.

6. Gordon's London Dry Gin was first distilled in 1769.


Know what was invented that year? The spinet piano. What's a spinet piano? Who cares: Let's drink gin!

7. Gin is a spirit that's totally customizable.


Although the juniper berry taste is the most important part of gin being gin, adding other ingredients only makes it better. Different herbs and botanicals are often mixed to make proprietary gins that make them stand out among the rest. For instance, Hendrick's infuses its gin with rose and cucumber, making for a crisp and complex gin.

8. Martinis are made with gin, not with vodka.


Just stop it already, okay?

See, this isn't so hard. Is it, Mr. Bond?

9. Pugs love gin.

Via Flickr: wickenden

Not drinking it, of course, but they appreciate how, like them, gin is a classic and absolutely fantastic.

10. American standards demand gin be at least 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), whereas in the EU it's 37.5%.



11. Frank Sinatra "...loved Tanqueray gin, but it didn't love him." That didn't stop him from hanging with Bing Crosby, and having a ball.


And who would know that better than his daughter, Nancy.

12. The Philippines consumes the most gin in the world.


I'm just going to pretend I'm sipping a gin cocktail on one of the the balconies in this picture for a minute, OK?

13. Gin does not make your nose red.


If you see someone with "gin blossoms," it's probably just rosacea, so stop the worrying and start the pouring (of gin, that is).

14. There are over 700 gin cocktail recipes. Get to drinkin', people!


It's a spirit meant to be mixed, bringing out the best in other ingredients the same way Edith Bunker brought out the best in Archie.

15. Cats love gin.

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Again, not to drink, but to cool their lil' kitty tummies with.

16. World Gin Day exists.

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And you want to be there, but since it is held every June, let's make everyday World Gin Day until it comes around again, capisce?