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17 Reality Shows That Need To Come Back

Yes, the perennials like Big Brother and The Amazing Race are great, but what about these Jäger-fueled displays of awesomeness?

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1. Rock Of Love


Holy crap was this show awesome. From the bad dye jobs and Bret Michaels bandanas, to the waaaay too short skirts, Rock Of Love had it all. Yet, it wasn't the first ...Of Love show. That honor belongs to...

2. Flavor Of Love


Like a car accident you can't help but look at, Flavor Of Love had all the telltale signs of great television: A charming leading man, a mansion, and a girl that pooped on the stairs. Also, if you watch VH1's Couples Therapy you would know that Flavor Flav was married the entire time he did the show. What a sweet guy!


6. Beauty and the Geek / Via

Pair a hot girl with a super nerd and what do you get? Television gold, and as a bonus, Megan, who went on to be a contestant on Rock Of Love, Charm School, I Love Money, and her own doomed Megan Wants a Millionaire.

8. Charm School

Taking the cast-offs from both Flavor Of Love and Rock Of Love, Charm School made what could only be considered a perfect storm of trampiness. The intentions of the show were good — challenge the women to better themselves by learning which fork goes with which course — but in the end, it was all about wig pulling and spitting on one another.


9. Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces was many people's first foray into the home-makeover genre of reality TV, and although neither team won money, the designers were competing nonetheless. Whether it was Hildi vs. Vern, or Frank vs. Genevieve, there was always the chance that the homeowners would hate the finished design. Like Genevieve's real grass bedroom wall. That couple was pissed.

10. Kid Nation

Here's the premise: Take 40 kids to a New Mexico faux-town movie set, and ask them to create a working society. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Want to know what happens when kids are left to look out for themselves? That GIF above should answer that question.

11. ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show

Again, VH1 doing the Lord's work. The best part of this show was raptestant John Brown, who everyone loved to hate but wound up coming in second. Take that, Jus Rhyme and 100 Proof!


14. Celebrity Fit Club


If there's something Americans love more than seeing the fall of celebrities, it's seeing them reinvent themselves (i.e. Robert Downey, Jr.). We like it even more when it's a fat fall, though, and Celebrity Fit Club reminded us all that every celeb is one meatball sub away from irrelevance.

17. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

I think we are still bummed that these two didn't make it, but just imagine if they were reunited on another show! A divorced couple living in one house with their new families? Someone call Mr. Reality TV, stat!