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    Ranking The "Doctor Who" Doctors By Someone Who Has Never Watched The Show

    He is a real doctor, right?

    I have to confess that I have never watched Doctor Who. I know there have been many Doctors and I think they are actually called Time Guys. Well, whatever they are called, I ranked them solely on how they look and what they are wearing because watching a million episodes would be daunting.

    12. The Twelfth Doctor, aka Mr. Pointer.

    11. The Second Doctor, aka the sixth Beatle.

    10. The Sixth Doctor, aka The Ringmaster.

    9. The Seventh Doctor, aka Mr. Subtle.

    8. The Fifth Doctor, aka Handsy McHandserdon.

    7. The First Doctor, aka Weird Preacher Man.

    6. The Ninth Doctor, aka Cool Dad.

    5. The Eighth Doctor, aka Oscar Wilde.

    4. The Eleventh Doctor, aka the one on the right.

    3. The Third Doctor, aka the lead singer in a Tom Jones cover band.

    2. The Tenth Doctor, aka Barty Crouch, Jr.

    1. The Fourth Doctor, aka Mr. Good Hair.

    In conclusion, this show is way too British for me. I still have no idea what this show is about, what a Tardis is, and why there is a police box involved. Actually, I have no clue what a police box actually is, so... TIME GUYS 4EVA!