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    17 Things Only Scrabble Players Know To Be True


    1. The horror that is pulling all vowels out of the bag.

    2. Or worse, all consonants.

    3. The agony of playing a word you're not quite sure is an actual word.

    4. The surge of confidence when someone challenges a word you know is accepted.

    5. The joy/hate of two letter words like Qi or Xi.

    6. The confused anger when someone plays in the space you were about to play in.

    7. When someone doesn't hide their rack and then accuses you of looking.

    8. Conversely, feeling violated when you catch someone looking at your tiles.

    9. How incredible the tiles feel in the palm of your hand.

    10. Hitting that triple word square with a doozy.

    11. Constantly rearranging letters even when you're not playing.

    12. The sweet, sweet feeling of using all of your letters and getting a Bingo.

    13. The frustration of someone taking forever to play a word, only to put down "to."

    14. Trying to spread out on the board, only to watch a whole section go unused.

    15. That strange moment when the words on the board sort of make sense.

    16. How sometimes you just have to get a game in no matter what.

    17. How in the end, all Scrabble players feel the same way about God's gift to boardgames.