20 Problems Only People Who Can’t Hide Their Emotions Understand

No no no poker face, no no poker face.

1. First of all, you can never play it cool.

KTLA/Nickleodeon / Via wifflegif.com

2. Like, when someone tells you a secret this is your reaction.

Comedy Central / Via feyism.tumblr.com

3. Poker face? LOL.

A&E / Via aetv.tumblr.com

4. The worst is when someone asks if what they’re wearing looks OK.

5. Seriously though, when someone says something embarrassing it is hard to not react to it.

6. When someone gives you awesome news you want to look like this.

7. However, this is how you actually look.

8. While it’s the thought that counts, you can’t hide the fact that you just opened a crappy gift.

9. Good luck hiding your frustration when someone does something to upset you.





10. And forget trying to hide the fact you are grossed out by something.

NBC Universal / Via yourreactiongifs.tumblr.com

11. Everyone knows how you feel when you watch a scary movie.

12. It’s never good when you’re asked what you think of someone’s new boyfriend/girlfriend.

Paramount Pictures / Via bucknellstruggles.tumblr.com

13. It’s even worse when you hear what they think of your significant other.

Paramount Pictures / Via mrs-somerhalders-gifs.tumblr.com

14. Everyone around you always knows when you’re nervous.

NBC / Via reddit.com

15. When you have big news it is a struggle not to go ahead and just give it away.


16. Being accused of having resting bitch face when really you just DGAF at that moment.

Colombia Pictures / Via sadisticallyawesome.tumblr.com

17. Never being able to hide how bored you actually are.

18. Or how unimpressed you are with a joke.

NBC / Via gifbay.com

19. Trying not to laugh when you see someone fall.


20. Finally, you’re never able to silently judge someone without them noticing you.

Yet, as a wise man once said, “LOL whatever.” So you keep on doing you!

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