15 Problems Only People From Sunnydale Understand

Come for the weather, slay for the friends.

1. The fact that the term “necking” takes on a whole new meaning.

Same goes for “getting the point.”

Warner Bros. / Via vampyrphile.tumblr.com

2. Finally getting a decent teacher, only to attend their funeral shortly after.

R.I.P. Jenny Calendar. R.I.P. that sweater, too.

Warner Bros. / Via buffy-screencaps.com

3. When you were about to tell your crush you were into them, then these dickheads came to town.


Warner Bros. / Via wilfulwilf.tumblr.com

4. Watching a cool band play at The Bronze, only to get interrupted two songs in by another vampire attack.

Cibo Matto, Aimee Mann, Dingoes Ate My Baby… DAMN YOU VAMPIRES!

Warner Bros. / Via buffyblog.tumblr.com

5. Being excited for Halloween, then remembering the possibility of actually becoming whatever it is you dressed as.

Guess I’m never using that banana costume ever again.

6. Having to use the public library in high school since the school’s was ALWAYS CLOSED.

What the hell was going on in there, anyway?


7. Graduation is always TBD.

All I wanted was my diploma, was that too much too ask? My grandparents flew in just to see me walk, for chrissake! But noooooo! The principal had to go and get eaten!


8. Stopping by The Magic Box to buy your hippie aunt a candle for her birthday, and finding these two arguing.

Warner Bros. / Via fanpop.com

Always. Arguing.

9. Always being wary of people who insist on being invited in.

I mean, how old fashioned, right?

10. The sad fact that when someone you know dies, there’s a 50/50 chance they will come back from the dead.

And then be mercilessly killed by the Scoobies.

Warner Bros. / Via gabrielleabelle.tumblr.com

11. LOL doing anything at night.

I had a friend who wanted to watch an eclipse. He was later found, all the blood drained from two small holes in his neck. He was a dumb friend.

12. No place is safe, not even the internet.

Playgrounds? Deadly? Frozen yogurt place? Deadlier. Puppy store? Instant death.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.


13. After awhile, seeing demons, werewolves, vampires, etc. becomes second nature.

Like, the last thing that surprised a person from Sunnydale was when they heard a Chipotle was coming.

14. If it weren’t for all the amenities, there is no way you would stay in Sunnydale.

But real estate is cheap when you live on a Hellmouth, so whatevs.

Warner Bros. / Via buffyconfessions.tumblr.com

15. No one believing you when you claim you and Buffy had a thing.

When that troll destroyed The Bronze that one time, Buffy totally pushed me out of the way. After, we totally locked eyes and I knew she was smitten with me. OK, maybe she was staring at the gash on my forehead, but still.

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